The Story

Hello World!

My name is Judy. I’m the new Foodie in town with one large appetite to discover what the Eateries of the UAE (along with countries I travel to) have to offer. I am a Wannabe Chef on a journey to explore the diverse world of food with the intentions of helping fellow Foodies to appreciate the gastronomic delights the world has in store for them.



Little Bit More About Me

I am originally Lebanese. I’ve been living in Dubai, a multicultural city I now call home, for  the past 8 years. I am married to a Jordanian, Canadian and I work in Sales. I speak Arabic, French and English and I am in love with Animals.

I love to travel and explore new dishes/cuisines while doing it. Most importantly, I strongly believe that Food brings people together, something I love to do in every possible occasion.

What does Kela mean and why the long name? 

My very first memory of food goes back to the time where I was about 4 years old and I was constantly force fed Kelas (Bananas in Hindi)  by my grandmother. Despite her good intentions, the experience was not the best but thanks to her, my interaction with Food started and my journey of becoming the Foodie I am today began.

What else? 

I am so excited to start this and I am so anxious to see where it will take me. I am going to try to make this as exciting as possible for you to enjoy it. Let’s see! 🙂

By the way, I am the creator, writer, photographer, etc… of this website. Anything on it is done by me unless stated otherwise.

Much much Love x