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My 3 FAVORITE Recipe Books

Hello Beautiful People! How have you been? 2017 has been a busy year for me so far; with the blog expanding like crazy, videos and recipes creation, workshops and a baby girl (Leila <3) on the way.

I am so excited for everything happening but I guess I need to give myself a break soon as I need to prepare for the delivery. Anyways, enough about babies & work. Let’s talk about my 3 FAVORITE THINGS at the moment that happen to be 3 Cooking/Recipe Books.

My first Favorite Thing is “Palestine on a Plate”, a book written by Joudie Kalla. I absolutely love this book and all the traditional Palestinian recipes it has. (+ the pretty pretty food pictures) Palestine has always been a great part of me and we tend to remember/love it through all the sadness & misery. (that occurred or is occurring currently) I love this book because it spreads this happy image of Palestine to everyone out there and that is something. Get the book & try the Mouloukhiye Recipe. (YUM!)


My 2nd Favorite Book is “Levantine Harvest” by Lara Ariss. Lara’ story is inspirational. She didn’t start as a chef but worked in the corporate world to follow her passion later on. Her recipes are mainly Lebanese inspired (YES!) but with a twist at times. My favorites are the Desserts & the little section in the beginning that teach you quick recipes like Labneh & Lebanese Garlic Paste. ( If you haven’t tried our Garlic Paste then you haven’t tried anything!)

My 3rd and Final Favorite Book is “Cook for Syria” created by Clerkenwell Boy and SUITCASE Magazine to preserve and celebrate Syrian culture amidst one of the largest humanitarian crisis of our time. The book has recipes/pictures donated from different chefs/bloggers and it raises money in aid of UNICEF’s Syria Relief fund. Love love love the initiative/movement but so sad that it was not initiated by Arabs and wish it had more Arab Chefs in it. Try Dalia’s Kitchen’s Recipes- love them!

If you are a Recipe Book collector like I am or if you enjoy cooking, you need to get those books. You’ll enjoy them, I promise you!



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